Circuit Card Assembly
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Circuit Board Assembly

Surface  Mount Technology

  • Prototyping through 5,000 class 3 assemblies per month (depending on complexity)
  • Computer controlled fine pitch screen printer for solder paste, conductive carbon, and conductive epoxy.
  • Pick and place line with a maximum 21,000 placements per hour. The SMT line is an inline - conveyored system with vision for fine pitch to 12 mils. (BGA, uBGA, Flip chip, CSP) Placement repeatability 15um / 3 sigma.
  • Vision corrected automatic dispensing system for solder paste, spot conformal coatings, solder masking, heated and unheated underfills.
  • Automatic Optical Solder Paste Inspector, 20 Zone reflow oven with onboard temperature control and profiling, SMT reflow and rework stations. SRL automatic fine pitch rework stations, In-circuit testing and programming.

Through Hole Technology

  • Prototyping to 2,500 assemblies per month (depending on complexity)
  • Automatic, Semi-automatic, and Manual Component preparation
  • Semi-automatic Insertion and Hand insertion
  • Inline 18 inch wave soldering system, aqueous and no-clean fluxing, inline aqueous cleaning system. In-circuit testing and programming

Quality and Testing

  • ISO 9000 Quality System
  • Enterprise CAM system.
  • All PCB assemblies built to IPC-610C Class 2 or Class 3, J-STD-001
  • Fully automatic functional testing
  • In-circuit Programming
  • Burn In & Environmental Testing
  • Bed- of - Nails testing (fixtures fabricated in-house)


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