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The Solution Center allows our customers to leverage 30+ years of electronic, electrical, and mechanical system design, procurement, and manufacturing expertise from a single source. From their first introduction in 1971 microcomputers have changed product design to a mixture of both hardware functions and software programs. We were there in the beginning with a telecommunications design for hospitals. More then 30 years later the evolution continues with SoC, systems on a chip, which integrates all the hardware and software into a single small package. We are here too, with customized products using the latest advances in electronic technology for virtually every industry. Throughout our history we have lead the way in small system integration, distributed processing, and micro-networking. We have produced systems for places where no one thought it possible at the time. Please look over the industries we serve, solutions provides, and software functions. Im sure you will find the right mixture of capabilities that fits your application.

   Solution Center Information

  • Using our functional library of expertise, companies get to their goals faster and decreased time to market for new or updated products.
  • We provide multi-disciplined design engineers dedicated to your product line and industry.
  • Support for challenging requirements, product alterations, andfunctionality expansions.
  • Alternate site product testing capabilities.
  • We provide our customers the opportunity to evaluate emerging technologies specific to their products, processes, and industry. We search for that improvement that will give our members a technological advantage in their market place.


Solution Center


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